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Mountainbiking in Georgia

Georgia is known for its many different landscapes in a small country. Therefore its a really intresting place for all kind of styles of mountainbiking. Go on a day trip downhill mountainbiking around Tbilisi. Here a several steep tracks going down the hills and joyfull views over the capital. For longer biking adventures we leave the city on a trip to explore the Caucausian mountain passes and peaks. This all under supervision of profession experience guides.

On this page you find some inspiring mountainbike trips. You can also contact us for a personal travelplan.

1 dag mountainbiken around Tbilisi

  • Full day exploring the tracks around Tbilisi.
  • Enjoy the great views over the capital of Georgia.
  • In the middle of the nature just outside of Tbilisi
  • v.a. 2 personen

  • Tbilisi

  • 1 dag

Join us on a day trip mountainbiking just outside Tbilisi and explore Lisi lake and Turtle lake. Go through the hills around Tbilisi and enjoy the great views over the city from as high as 1600 meters.

3 days mountainbiking in Tusheti

  • An unforgettable mountainbike adventure
  • Discover the Georgian Caucausus
  • Ride over the high mountainpasses up to 2900 meters
  • v.a. 4 personen

  • Tusheti

  • 3 dagen

Enjoy a three day mountainbike trip in Tusheti. The region didn’t change much since the middle ages as it is only reachable for about four to five months a year, The infrastructure only exsist out of dirt roads and small tracks used by sheperds. The region Tusheti has all ingredients for a perfect and unforgettable mountainbike trip.

Join us on a trip and exlpore Tusheti together with Traveldash.

8-days mountainbike trip in Svaneti

  • Six day mountainbike trip in the alpine landscape of Svaneti.
  • Breathtaking views over the snowy peaks of the Caucasus.
  • Discover the centuries old history of Svaneti during a great mountainbike trip.
  • ‘Hike & bike’ , mix of climbing and downhill mountainbiken
  • v.a. 4 personen

  • Svaneti

  • 8 dagen

Ride along with us throught the century old villages and beautiful nature of Svaneti. This mountain region is situated in the North West of Georgia. This area borders Russia in the Nord and is in the middle of the high Caucausus. The old culture and tradtionals are well kept in this remote and hard to reach province. Nowadays you can find many old buildings and traditional towers (Koshki) in this region which are on the UNESCO list. During this 8 day trip we ride 6 days and wander aroudn the steep hills, apline meadows and gravel tracks.

Join us on our trip and explore Svaneti with TRAVELDASH!

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