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Horseback riding in Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country for horseback riding. The vast nature and different landscapes makes this activity atractive for every kind of rider. You can choice for a day riding close to to captital in the endless forests and hills and enjoy the silence and beautiful nature. Or join us on a several day trip crossing the Caucasian mountains.

On this page you can find some inspiring horseback riding trips. You can also contact us for a personal travel plan.

1 day horseback riding around Tbilisi

  • Explore the vast meadows and forests just outside of Tbilisi
  • Enjoy a beautiful day in nature with our experienced English speaking guides.
  • Lessons available for unexperienced riders.
  • v.a. 2 personen

  • Buiten Tbilisi

  • 1 dag

Escape the city life for a day and discover the hills and forests on horseback just outside Tbilisi. A unique experience!

4 days horseback riding in Vashlovani

  • 4 days horseback riding through desert- and steppe area.
  • No roads, no houses, complete escape out of civilized world.
  • Nice to combine with a visit to Sighnaghi Sighnaghi ‘the city of love’
  • v.a. 2 personen

  • Vashlovani

  • 4 dagen

During this four day tour we will ride 3 days in Vashlovani National park. This NP is situated in the South East point of Georgia bordering Armenia and Azerbijan. The area is known in for its dry and hot climate during the summer and pleasant mild temperatures during the winter. The nature in this area is breathtaking, riding through dryed out river beds and canyons with great views over hil ridges. Join us and explore this beautiful part of Georgia.

6 days horseback riding from Tusheti to Khevsureti

  • 60 to 70 km on horse throught the high Caucasus
  • Untouched nature, mostly not reachable by cars
  • Luggage been taken bij horse
  • Overnigths in small villages and camping in the mountains
  • v.a. 4 personen

  • Tusheti - Khevsureti

  • 6 dagen

During this 6 day tour we will have 4 days horseback riding from Tusheti to Khevsureti. On the way we visit centruries old villages, riding over 3000meter + moutain passes and we explore the beautiful nature of the 2 high mountain regions of Georgia. Be prepared to also hike several parts of the trip as the terrain can get too rough to ride the horses.

A fantistic trip throught the nature and history of Georgia and the North Caucasus.

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