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Hiking in Georgia

Georgia is the perfect country for explorers. Due to the vast nature and many different landscapes, there is something for everyone. You can go hiking for a day in the hills behind Tbilisi and enjoy beautiful views of the city. But you can also leave civilisation for a few days and go hiking deep in the Caucasian mountains!

Below you will find a number of inspiring hiking trips. You can also contact us for a personal travel plan.

3 days hiking in Kazbegi

  • Hiking to the famous Gregeti Trinity Church
  • Walking through vast valleys
  • Beautiful views over snowy mountain peaks
  • Explore ruins of old fortresses and red, yellow and orange colored lakes and rivers.
  • 2+ travellers

  • Kazbegi

  • 3 days

Take a 3-day hiking tour in the Kazbegi area. Hike through an almost deserted valley towards the border of South Ossetia. Besides the beautiful nature, there are also specific travertine formations due to mineral water springs. You will find geysers, old towers and various abandoned settlements. It is not possible to explore the whole valley; you have to go back at the ruins of Zakagori fortress, where the Georgian border post is.

6 days Tusheti – Khevsureti

  • Trekking through the mountains with horses for luggage
  • Walking through ancient villages and settlements
  • A few days isolated from civilization
  • Wild camping in the Georgian Caucasus
  • 4+ travellers

  • Khevsureti - Tusheti

  • 6 days

Discover the wild Caucasus and hike from Khevsureti to Tusheti! We leave the civilized world and trek through the high mountains of the Georgian Caucasus. With the literal highlight; the Atsunta mountain pass, located at an altitude of 3431 meters.

During this trek the horses will carry our luggage. Because we don’t see any villages for a few days, we will camp in the wilderness.

We visit centuries old villages and fortresses and taste the local hospitality!

8 days Tobavarchkhili lake hike

  • 45 km hiking in 6 days to mountain lakes at an altitude of 2650 meters
  • Overnight at Tobavarchkhili lake shores
  • No roads, no houses, really in the uninhabited world
  • Luggage is transported on horseback
  • 4+ travellers

  • Samegrelo

  • 8 days

The Tobavarchkhili lake hike is a route that has been around for a long time but is relatively new among the outdoor enthusiasts. The local shepherds have been going to the lake for years during the warm summer. Up there it is cool and there is enough grass and water for the animals.

The shepherds are still there. The untouched nature too. But because it is such an amazing and beautiful trip with beautiful views, streams, waterfalls and fresh air, there are now more and more hikers who visit this location. Go on a journey and discover Tobavarchkhili with TRAVELDASH!

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