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Bird watching in Georgia

Georgia is a great country for bird watchers. In a short time you travel through completely different areas; from the last snow in Kazbegi to the warmer sprawling hills in the west. In the spring you can quickly see about 200 species of birds in a compact trip of 12 days.

Visit the different areas of Georgia and experience the beautiful surroundings and the rich nature. In the spring the conditions are favorable because of many migratory bird species towards the north.

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Bird watching in the spring

  • Explore the high mountains around Kazbegi to the steppes of Chachuna
  • Spot more than 200 different bird species
  • Species endemic to the Caucasus (such as Caucasian Mountain Grouse and Black Grouse)
  • A fully arranged and well-organized trip
  • 4+ travellers

  • Georgia

  • 12 days

During the spring birding tour we take our guests through most of Georgia. We start in the high mountains. There is still snow in many places here in early spring and it can be quite cold during the day. Then we go to the green south around Borjomi. From Borjomi to the high plains (2000 meters) and lakes in Javakheti where it can also be cold (around freezing point) and windy. From here we travel on to the warm east. There it can be 25 to 30 degrees. By visiting different areas we can see many different species in a short time. In the spring the conditions are favorable because of many migratory bird species towards the north. Eastern variants / subspecies occur in this more or less isolated mountain landscape of many western species. You will be informed about this during this trip.

Bird watching in the autumn

  • We do our best to put this trip online as soon as possible.
  • 4+ travellers

  • Khevsureti - Tusheti

  • 6 days

Ontdek de wilde Kaukasus en hike van Khevsureti naar Tusheti! We verlaten de bewoonde wereld en trekken door de hoge bergen van de Georgische Kaukasus. Met als letterlijk hoogtepunt; de Atsunta bergpas, gelegen op 3431 meter hoogte. Tijdens deze trektocht zullen de paarden onze bagage dragen. Omdat we een aantal dagen geen droppen tegen komen, zullen we in de wildernis kamperen. We bezoeken eeuwen oude dorpen en forten en proeven van de lokale gastvrijheid!

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